Extended Family Photo Sessions are a must!

When a family contacts me about taking photos of their ENTIRE family my heart almost explodes with joy. I absolutely LOVE extended family sessions and book them for my own extended families every year. Clients often ask if it is hard to manage all the people, the resounding answer is NO, quite the opposite, it is a complete honor and joy for me. I love meeting Grandma and playing with the grandkids and pairing up all the couples and cousins. I absolutely LOVE it! And, there is nothing that compares to having photos of your entire family on your walls and in the homes of your loved ones.

Booking an Extended Family Session

Extended Family Sessions are easy to book. I typically recommend that families with 3 or less individual families book a 1 hour session and that families with 4 or more individual families book 1 1/2 hours. During your Extended Family Session we make sure and capture photos of everyone in every combination, The entire family, Grandparents, Grandparents with grandkids, Grandkids/Cousins, Individual families, Sibling sets of all generations, Individual children and whatever else you want to be sure and capture. I know how hard it can be to get everyone together, so I strive to document every photo each family member desires.

Memphis TN Extended Family Photography
Cousins Photo

I would love to document your Extended Family's Photos. Just click the button below to get started.