My favorite spring spots in the Memphis, TN area...

Spring is such a beautiful season filled with new life and bright green. It is much anticipated after the cold brisk air of winter. There are several locations in the Memphis area that my family enjoys visiting during spring time. These are great spots for a picnic, a nature walk and of course a photo session. Here are my top 4 locations to visit during spring time in Memphis.

Dixon Garden and Gallery

Dixon Garden and Gallery - this location is FREE and at the end of March through the beginning of April there are 250,000 tulips to enjoy. It is absolutely gorgeous. The perfect backdrop for a picnic with the family. My kids enjoy walking through the garden viewing each variety and searching for more. Check them out at

Bartlett Japanese Garden

Bartlett Japanese Garden (Mark S. Brown Municipal Park) - this park is also FREE and located behind Bartlett City Hall. It has the most beautiful Koi pond and bridge. The sounds of the fountain are so serene and during the spring the Cherry blossoms are breathtaking. My kids love to take a blanket and books to have a picnic and read by the babbling brook. They usually take their shoes off and wade through the brook as we enjoy the hints of warm weather arriving.

Brooks Museum and Garden

Brooks Museum and Garden (by the Levitt Shell) - this area is also FREE to visit. There are beautiful Greek inspired structures in the courtyard garden and the architecture of the surrounding buildings are so unique and lovely. This is another great picnic area and of course perfect for family photos. It is also very close to the Memphis Zoo, so if you are visiting the zoo you should give this area a look!

Private Mini Farms

Mini Farms - of course these are private locations that I enjoy during spring time. I'm so grateful that we live near a big city but also just minutes from rural areas. It's so sweet when me and the kids can go and fish and visit with friends and feel like we are way out in the country. We don't live on a farm, but we have several friends that do and they are gracious to let us visit and also to let me photograph families on their farms. Not only does it provide a beautiful backdrop, we also get to enjoy the chickens, ducks and horses and evidences of spring.

Mini Farm Photos in Memphis, TN area

I hope you are inspired to get outside and enjoy the beauty of creation and the mid-south as the seasons change.