when you rescue a jeep from a junkyard it becomes a big deal!

The rescued Jeep made this senior session

Theo worked hard with his dad to restore his rescued Jeep. Not only did it bring a sense of pride, but also nostalgia of so many hours spent with his dad. We made plans for him to drive it to our session location, BUT unfortunately when the day came the Jeep decided it needed a little more work and wouldn't get up and go. I would not accept having his photos without this Jeep gem. Theo is a young man who displays diligence and hard work in his character and his Jeep reflects that. So instead of Theo coming to me, I went to him. We met on his property and were able to get so many great images of him, but also with his Jeep! I was so pleased. I even asked his mom to run behind him with lysol for a misty effect. They were all in!! I will never forget this session with this incredible young man.

Make sure to incorporate things that are important to you during this monumental season when you plan your Senior Session. This makes it personal and special for you!