How I stopped stressing over what to wear in our photo session...

It is one week before our extended family photo session. I've paid my deposit and gotten everyone's schedules arranged so that we can invest our time and money in a session to capture our family. Then it hits me, what in the world are we going to wear???? I am a photographer and this still can be daunting. Until recently I used to go out and buy new things for everyone and try to plan the perfect combination of clothing. Now, this is definitely an option, and I am not saying you can't do this, BUT, I am saying you don't have to do this.

Every year our extended families get together for a photo session and last year with my family I sent a color scheme to my entire family and told them to go shop in their closets. I knew that we all have burgundies and navy blues and then I threw in the option of grays and tans to make it easy for everyone to coordinate, and it worked. I bought one sweater and one vest. That's it. Everything else that was worn we already owned. STRESS AVOIDED and my pocketbook was much happier too.

When you are planning for your family session I suggest looking through your closets first. I encourage Mom to find her outfit first and then raid all the family's clothes to coordinate with her outfit (it's very important for mom to feel comfortable and beautiful for her photos, let's face it, these are for her)!! Typically if you pick something already in your closet you already know that you feel comfortable and lovely in it. You may have to purchase a few pieces to add to the combination, but no need to buy a whole new wardrobe for the one day (unless you need an excuse to do so, then by all means, go shopping!).

I hope this has been helpful for you as you plan your sessions. Here are a few photos to give you some color combination inspiration.